Blocked Drains

It is never a good time to have a blocked drain.  Call us anytime for same day service to get your pipes flowing and your day running smoothly again. We offer a set rate for drain clearing so that the cost is clear from the start.

Blocked drains can occur for a number of different reasons. In Canberra, one of the most common causes is tree roots entering the drain through damaged pipes. Once tree roots have found their way into your drains, it is only a matter of time until their roots start to block the flow of water and your drains back up.

When this happens it usually means your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry are un-usable and this can be a BIG issue! At Blueline Plumbing and Gas we completely understand the situation you are in and your need for urgent assistance. That is why we will prioritise your job and make every effort to clear your blocked drains and get your pipes flowing smoothly on the same day.

Our machines are able to immediately clear tree roots effectively from your stormwater and sewer drains giving you a temporary solution which may last between 6 months and 5 years. However,  tree roots will always search for water and will eventually find the same damaged section of pipe and grow back into your drains. If your drains are blocking in the same location more often than once every 12 months, it may be more cost effective to talk to one of our licenced plumbers about a more permanent solution.

Our tips for you

Although tree roots are the cause of most major blockages and are out of your hands, there are a few simple things that you can do to stop minor blockages occurring in the shower, bath, basin and kitchen sink. These include:


  • Placing all food scraps into the bin BEFORE rinsing plates and bowls in the sink

  • Make sure skewers, straws and toothpicks don’t get washed down the drain

  • DO NOT wash grease, fats or oil down the kitchen sink


  • Reduce the amount of hair that gets washed down the drains

  • Flush out the basin drain by letting a full sink of hot water out regularly

  • Use body wash to avoid a build up of soap scum in your drains


  • DO NOT flush wet wipes or any sanitary products down the toilet

  • Make sure the toilet cistern is serviced regularly to ensure the correct amount of water is used

  • Take care that toilet deodorises do not dislodge and get flushed