Hot Water Systems

An efficient and reliable hot water system is an essential component of any household and if you are experiencing no hot water or a leaking water system, it can really cause an inconvenience to your daily life. Blueline Plumbing & Gas are a team of professionals who specialise in hot water systems.

The licensed and fully qualified plumbers from Blueline Plumbing & Gas are professional gas fitters meaning they can efficiently and effectively service, maintain and install any hot water system, from start to finish. The plumbers can solve any gas or gas piping related issue in your home.

If you are experiencing hot water leaks, it may be a clear sign that your hot water system is in need of repair. Some of the signs that your hot water system is due for a maintenance check may include rusty or brown water coming from the taps, unusual sounds which occur when using the hot water system or if you start to notice that you are running out of hot water faster than usual. The licensed and trained plumbers from Blueline Plumbing & Gas can help solve all of these issues, as well as a range of other problems efficiently, effectively and safely.

Many people put up with luke warm showers or a faulty hot water system because they are worried about the costly investment of buying a new hot water system. When you let the technicians from Blueline Plumbing & Gas have a look at your system, they may be able to help you make a few simple hot water system repairs that could save you money. If our experts cannot service the system for whatever reason, the specialist plumbers can assist you in choosing the right one for your households needs, and install it for you!

The plumbers from Blueline Plumbing & Gas work with all brands, types and models of hot water systems. By allowing the experts plumbers to conduct a regular and routine maintenance of your hot water system you can improve and extend the life of your hot water system which can not only save you money in the long run, but you and your family can continue to be supplied with wonderful hot water all year round.

With years of experience and a wide range of comprehensive knowledge of hot water systems, we only stock the best tools, hot water system parts, equipment and technologies to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality service in Canberra. Out hot water repair, maintenance and installations allow for your hot water system to run smoothly for years to come.

Choosing the right hot water system for your home can be a daunting decision with many factors to take into consideration. Blueline Plumbing & Gas can help you select the right hot water system for your home. We value every one of our clients and it is important to create a lasting and genuine partnership for all of your plumbing and gas fitting needs.

We go the extra mile to to provide trusted advice and solve any plumbing or gas issue as efficiently as possible. Our plumbers can help you to determine the correct fuel source for an efficient hot water system to meet your hot water demands.


How do I know when my hot water system needs a service or needs to be replaced?

There are many signs that your hot water system may need to be serviced or replaced. These include:

  • If the pilot light goes out often or it does not work
  • You are running out of hot water faster than usual
  • The water pressure continuously changes or is lower than normal
  • There is water that is leaking out of the hot water system
  • The temperature of the water continuously changes or is colder than normal
  • The water is muddy or brown
  • The water tastes rusty and has a strong metal aftertaste

There is water leaking from my ceiling. What does this mean and what should I do?

There are many reasons as to why there may be water leaking from your ceiling. It could be due to a broken roof tile, or a burst pipe.

In this case it is recommended that you turn off the water meter and turn off the isolation tap. Then, call a qualified and licenced plumber from Blueline Plumbing & Gas as soon as possible to prevent any further damage and have the issue resolved quickly and efficiently.


Blueline Plumbing & Gas are fully licensed plumbers and gas fitters that are trained in the repair, maintenance, service and installation of all hot water systems. Our experts can help you book your next appointment and can help you with any questions you may have regarding your hot water system. When you choose Blueline Plumbing & Gas you can be assured that customer service is of the utmost importance and we aim to provide the best transparent service and trustworthy advice.

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