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Why Choose The Best Gas Heater?

Are you planning to buy a gas heater for your home? Gas heaters are standard in many residential and commercial properties in Canberra. They are an excellent choice for many people because they offer high-level reliability, consistent warmth, are more cost-effective, and are more environmentally friendly. These benefits make a gas heater a great investment for your home.

Like many other types of heaters, it is always good to go for the best gas heaters. You need the best gas heater that offers high-level efficiency, meets all your heating needs, and is cost-effective depending on your budget. This article looks at the best gas heaters you can invest in your property in Canberra.

Factors To Consider When Selecting The Best Gas Heater

Factors To Muse When Picking The Best Gas Heater

Heater Size

Once you decide that you want to invest in a gas heater, the next thing to think about is the appropriate size for your home. Buying an extra-large heater to meet your heating needs means that you waste a lot of money when purchasing it and incur high running costs for the same.

On the other hand, if you choose to invest in a smaller gas heater than needed, it means you will not be able to heat your space in the right way. Therefore, be sure that you use the kWh heat output to determine the size of the heater that you might require depending on the size of your room. Keep in mind that 1kWh heats up to 10 square metres.

Some other factors may affect the size of the gas heater you need to spend your money on. Some of these factors include; ceiling height, climate zone, availability of insulation, whether your space gets direct sunlight, size of the windows, and whether the windows are double glazed or feature solid curtains. For added convenience, you also need a portable gas heater that you can carry around the different rooms in your house.

Health Concerns

Gas heaters are known to contribute to health issues. Some of the health concerns associated with gas heaters include childhood asthma and other respiratory health issues. The gas flames emit various contaminants like Nitrous Dioxide (NO2) and other fine materials that can cause health problems to people. The best gas heater should meet all the set emission standards to reduce the number of contaminants they emit to the atmosphere.

Unflued gas heaters are generally associated with a higher risk of causing asthma among children. They also increase the severity of those with asthma already. On the other hand, flued gas heaters are less likely to release emissions into the indoor air space. However, the risks associated with them are not zero; as a result, you should also check that they meet the set standards.

Installation Process

As you look for the best gas heater, you should also consider the installation process. You need to get a heater that is both easy and cost-effective to install. Note that you need professional installation because many things can go wrong if you try to do the installation by yourself.

Professional installation ensures that the correct parts are used and the heater is correctly assembled to enhance safety. Regardless of the type of gas heater you invest your money in, you should also ensure that carbon monoxide alarms are installed. You can get a CO alarm from your local stores, but the best gas heater suppliers will also offer the carbon monoxide alarm.

Safety Features

Gas heaters can become fire hazards. This is why they need regular monitoring. Thus, as you decide on the best gas heater to invest your money in, make sure you prioritise safety as a critical consideration. Therefore, you need to invest in heaters with cool-to-touch surfaces and other essential features of safety to reduce these risks.

Some heaters have an internal switch that shuts off the power automatically if the device gets knocked down. The best heater should also have overheating protection. The button works as a sensor that turns the heater off when the internal parts reach unprecedented temperatures.

Noise Levels

It is also good to consider the noise levels produced by a gas heater when it operates. The best gas heaters do not make noise. You need to buy a silent heater for your home or office. This guarantees that there are no distractions from the noise.

Best Gas Heaters To Buy

To get the correct value for your money, you need to invest in the best gas heater. This is because the best gas heaters will perform optimally in warming your space, add elegance to your area and help save on your energy bills. Here are some of the best gases that you can buy.

Gas Room Heaters

Gas Room Heaters

These are some of the best heaters designed to keep you cosy and warm in your house. They are considered to be of high quality and are reliable. This heater will fit in your existing fireplace and offer warmth to specific parts within your house.

As a result, if you want to heat a particular area in your home, gas room heaters are the best option for you. Gas room heaters are designed as wall gas heaters, flued gas heaters, and radiant convectors.

Unflued Gas Heaters

Unflued gas heaters feature highly advanced qualities such as twin programmable timers, remote controls, a child lock function, thermostatic control, and other safety features. They usually deliver maximum heat of about 6.2 to 6.5 kW with LPG gas and natural gas heaters. Unflued gas heaters are appropriate for your home because of their low-level maintenance, capacity sizing, physical size, ease of installation, and weight.

They are also more portable making them right for your home. Unflued gas heaters usually produce combustion gases, so you need to take precautions when using the heaters, especially if you are pregnant, have kids, and have elderly individuals in your household.

Gas Radiant Heaters

Gas Radiant Heaters

Gas radiant heaters usually heat your space as the sun does. They work effectively in heating a specific indoor area. These heaters are typically easy to install and are also great for minor applications because they are small-sized. They are also more cost-effective and do not require electrical connections. The only drawback about these gas heaters is that they have odd heat distribution and an unattractive style.

Gas Convector Heaters

Gas Convector Heaters

Also referred to as space heaters, these gas heaters usually warm your house with convection or air movement. They feature a fan together with a gas burner that helps in distributing warmth evenly in your entire home.

They are among the best gas heaters because of their highly advanced features such as remote controls, low emission technology, modern look, and electronic thermostatic controls. However, gas convector heaters are costlier than other types.

Flued Gas Heaters

Flued Gas Heaters

Flued gas heaters are usually fixed in a specific area. They warm the air without any type of emissions inside your house. They are also referred to as fixed flued gas heaters because their combustion gases are directed out of your home through the flued pipe fixed across the wall or ceiling. You can get them in direct vent flue or balanced flue models. They are costlier than most other types of gas heaters and have 90-degree bends. However, if your focus is functionality and styles, this is the best gas heater to invest in.

Wall Gas Heaters

Wall Gas Heaters

Wall gas heaters are units that are attached or installed directly to your wall. You can use these heaters if you have a compact living area, small office, or studio apartment because they release enough heat to keep small areas warm. They are also a great option since they do not occupy any floor space in the room. They are easy to install, maintain and can warm your area for many hours.

Wall gas heaters offer efficient and fast heat when needed most. They can heat up in about a minute or two. They also offer an excellent option for supplemental heating. For instance, wall gas heaters are a great option if you just want to heat your living area. This allows you to reduce your energy bills, especially during the cold months.

Gas Logs

Gas logs offer high-level convenience since you do not have to store, stack, or haul wood. You also do not have to tend the fire to keep your space warm. Gas logs are operated by either pushing a button or flipping a switch that ignites the pilot light or the fire. Gas-fueled fires are clean and never compromise your indoor air quality.

The logs come in a wide range of styles that can match your house décor. You get the traditionally designed gas logs that look similar to natural wood logs. They are available in a large range of sizes with different textures and colours. You can use rocks, stones, and multicoloured glass stones for a more contemporary look.

Blue Flame Gas Heaters

Blue Flame Gas Heaters

Blue flame gas heaters warm the air in the specific area where they are installed, but not objects. They are perfect for insulated spaces but take longer before they can actually heat your space. You are bound to like them because of their high-level energy efficiency. They also feature a blower that helps spread the warm air throughout your room.

Omega Altise Gas Heaters

Omega Altise Gas Heaters

The Omega Altise is a portable gas heater that you can use in any room in your house. It offers high-level convenience with its small size and lightweight design. This heater blows warm air to all corners of your room. As a result, it is a great option when you want to warm your entire room, especially when you have guests. If it tips for any reason, the heater usually shuts off automatically, making it a safe option to have in your room.

The Omega Altise heater features an easy to control panel and remote control with an LED digital display. Other features you get from the heater include powerful heating, flame failure shut off, and a programmable timer.

Rinnai Titan Gas Heaters

Rinnai Titan Convector Heater

This is a small portable gas heater with high-level heat output. It releases strong heat that makes you feel cosy during cold weather conditions. You can invest in this gas heater if you have a small room or if you want spot heating. It features variable speed settings that help cater to all your indoor heating needs.

With its lightweight design, which makes it convenient to carry around. Therefore, you can move it around your home to wherever you need to warm the air. This heater has several safety features, such as a flame failure device, a tilt switch-off function, and sensors.

Need Help With Your Gas Heater?

If you are still uncertain about the best gas heater to buy, you can ask for help from a reliable gas fitting company in Canberra. The plumbers can assess your needs and advice on the heater that will work effectively for you and your space. In addition, they can also help with all repair and maintenance needs.

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