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Is It Time To Service Your Gas Heater?

Are you in need of a Rinnai gas heater but wondering how much it costs to service it? Do you have a Rinnai gas heater that is running slower than expected? If you fall in the latter option, it could be highly likely that your gas heater requires servicing. Do you know how much it is to service a gas heater? Various experts offer different prices depending on multiple factors.

Types Of Gas Heater Services

Gas heater services occur in various categories. There are cleaning services that include cleaning the fans and cabinet interior, changing gas heater filters, removing dirt and corrosion from the flame sensor, etc. Another category is inspection. Inspection includes checking all the internal parts, fuel line, flue, motor, heat exchanger, AC coils, duct, and chimney.

Other services include checking the fuel, carbon monoxide tests, sealing cracks, adjusting controls, etc. While considering the costs of gas heater services, do not forget about the repairs and installations. Repairs and installations also form an essential part of gas heater services.

Gas Heater Service Costs

Generally, gas heater repairs range from about $375 to $1600. For instance, repairing a heater ignition goes for around $1,500. It costs about $1,600 to repair a malfunctioning duct, around $1,200 to repair a gas heater that fails to turn off, and about $1,100 to maintain a gas heater.

Additionally, you can expect to pay about $1,000 to re-install a heating unit that has been disconnected. Other repair costs can range from $75 to $250 to repair a flame sensor. You could expect to pay as high as $1,500 for complete heat exchanger replacement and as low as $100 for simple fixing.

It costs around $300 maximum to repair a gas heater igniter and anywhere from $150 to $1,500 to replace a blower motor. Repairing a flue pipe is between $400 to $800. Repairing a thermostat costs between $100 to $ 300, while changing a gas heater filter costs anywhere from $10 to $30.

The gas heater annual inspection costs without cleaning or tune-up range from $50 to $100. Inspection plus cleaning costs range between $100 to $ 300. Dust cleaning will cost you more or less an additional $275 to $500.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Gas Heater Services

The cost of all these services vary depending on various factors. Some gas heaters would require you to conduct a complete servicing while others only need part-servicing. No one likes budget surprises, mainly if they cause serious deviation in their wallet sizes. Therefore, it is always best to consider the factors that affect the cost of gas heater services before considering the total amount for the service. These factors are discussed herein-below:

The type and number of services provided

The more services provided, the more you should be prepared to pay. Advanced services, including carbon monoxide tests, vent inspection, voltage testing, cleaning, lubricating and balancing the blower, etc., could also lead to you paying a lot of money.

The brand of the gas heater

The operation and servicing of most products depend on their brands. The same applies to gas heaters. Specifically speaking, a specific gas heater would determine its purchase price, running costs, and service costs. Several companies have been established to produce gas heaters.

This means that the markets have an overflow of gas heaters; thus, each company would be striving to manufacture the best gas heaters. With the best quality, there may be less likely chances of frequent servicing such as repairs. In most cases, the efficiency of gas heaters would be determined by the amount of fuel the gas heater consumes. Therefore, it is always best to consider the brand of a gas heater before purchasing one.

Moreover, different brands have different models. Each model comes with its unique features. Some models of gas heaters have advanced features such as automated heat regulators, remote controls, thermostat controls, etc. All these features are concerned with servicing in one way or another, thus affecting gas heater service final costs.

Time of servicing

Gas heater service cost is also affected by the period of service. There are always peak and low service periods. You are highly likely to be charged lower during a low period than a peak period.

Closely related to the period of servicing is competition. Several companies that manufacture different brands of gas heaters offer gas heater services. It is highly likely where most companies offering similar services are in one place, the rates of competition would be high.

High rates of competition are advantageous to you as a customer. The benefit is that you are likely to receive services at lower prices where competition is high than in areas where competition is low.

Frequency of servicing

Frequent servicing of your gas heater ensures that it stays in good working condition. Routine servicing will highlight the necessary replacements and minor repairs required. This will help reduce the total costs of servicing as poor maintenance of a gas heater could lead to significant damages that cost a lot of money.

Size of the gas heater

The cost of gas heater services depends on the size of the gas heater. It is probably more expensive to service a large gas heater than a small one. Similarly, the cost of cleaning, inspecting, or installing a small gas heater is more likely lower than where a larger gas heater is involved. Therefore, depending on your budget, it would help to consider the size of the gas heater you want to have.

The type of fuel used by the heater

There are various types of heaters distinguished by the source of power. Heaters are categorised into gas heaters, electric heaters, and solar heaters. Gas heaters are further classified depending on the type of gas they use. While few models use natural gas, some use LPG (propane or butane), while others use biogas. The type of fuel your gas heater uses would determine the kind of services required, the frequency of such services, and their costs.

Location of your residence

The location of your home influences the cost of installing and servicing a gas heater. Places having difficult accessibility, such as the basements and ceilings, cost a lot more than easily accessible places.

Advantages Of Frequent Servicing Of Gas Heaters

Preventing carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide (CO) is colourless and odourless. These features make it difficult to detect CO leakage. Contact with carbon monoxide could cause dizziness, nausea, or even death. Research shows that approximately 300 or more people die of CO poisoning in Australia every year.

However, regular servicing of your gas heater could help prevent such poisoning. A professional would check your gas heater and ensure that it’s venting and burning correctly and there are no leaks. This will help keep you and your family safe.

Increasing the lifespan of your gas heater

Accumulation of dirt interferes with the operation of the heat exchanger, thus reducing its efficiency. Regular servicing of your gas heater will enable the expert to clean the gas heater exchanger and identify parts that require replacement. This would help extend the lifespan of your gas heater by ensuring that it is operating effectively and efficiently.

Maintaining the product warranty

Most manufacturers provide their customers with a warranty from the date of purchasing the gas heater. Some manufacturers would require you to service your gas heater to avoid voiding the warranty. Product warranty is essential, especially when it comes to major repairs that would cost a lot of money. It could help you in settling the cost of the repairs. Therefore, it would help if you service your gas heater frequently to maintain your warranty.

Saving on energy bills

Your gas heater may experience various damages without you knowing. There could also be some minor issues that affect the operation of the gas heater, such as wearing out of some parts. Lack of sufficient lubrication could also lower the operation of your gas heater. Similarly, exposure of your gas heater to dust could accumulate clogs that would interfere with the heater’s operation.

However, with frequent servicing, the technician would be able to identify these issues, make the necessary repairs and even help prevent further occurrences. Therefore, it is best to frequently service your gas heater to ensure that it operates efficiently and smoothly.

DIY Or Hire A Professional?

It is not easy to diagnose and service a gas heater by yourself. It will help if you hire an experienced expert to evaluate and fix your gas heater. The expert could also recommend to you what to do next. If you are facing challenges with your gas heater, contact a professional.

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