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Blueline Plumbing & Gas, your trusted Gas Fitting Experts in Canberra. With years of experience and qualified gas fitters, we offer comprehensive gas fitting services, including installation, detection, and repairs. Safety and efficiency are our priorities, so rely on us for gas appliance services and carbon monoxide testing. Whether you need gas installations, leak detection, or gas-to-natural gas BBQ conversions, our licensed professionals ensure top-notch workmanship and safety for your home or business.

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The Gas Fitting Experts of Canberra

At Blueline Plumbing & Gas, we pride ourselves on being the leading experts in gas fitting services in Canberra. With years of experience and a team of qualified gas fitters, we offer a complete range of gas fitting services including installation, detection, and repairs. Gas fitting is a critical aspect of any home or business. It requires precision and expertise to ensure safety and efficiency. That's why it's essential to enlist the services of a professional gas fitter like us. We have the knowledge and skills to handle all your gas fitting needs, from gas leaks to hot water systems and everything in between. Our gas fitting services include gas appliance installation, gas leak detection and repairs, and gas line installations. Our licensed and experienced gas fitters are trained to detect gas leaks and repair them promptly, ensuring your safety and peace of mind. We understand that gas fitting issues can be stressful and inconvenient. That's why we are committed to providing prompt and reliable service to all our customers. We take pride in our quality workmanship and customer service, and we ensure that every job is completed to the highest standards.

Gas Fitting Services

Elevate your gas needs with our specialised services. From precise gas installation and leak detection to vital carbon monoxide testing, we also provide expert gas cooktop installation, repairs, and servicing for a safer, more efficient home.

Plumbing Services in Canberra

Blueline Plumbing & Gas are your local specialist for all domestic plumbing and gas fitting needs.

Get in touch for a quote or speak with a qualified plumbing specialist. We will help you find a solution for your emergency plumbing or plumbing repair needs.

We Offer An Incredible Range of Services in Canberra

At Blueline Plumbing & Gas, we offer an incredible range of gas fitting services in Canberra. As plumbing and gas-related services specialists, our team of qualified gas fitters is equipped to handle all your gas fitting needs. From installation and detection to repairs, our expertise covers a wide range of services to ensure the safety and efficiency of your home or business. With our licensed and experienced gas fitters, we provide prompt service and quality workmanship, giving you peace of mind. Whether you need gas appliance installation, gas leak detection and repairs, or gas line installations, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional plumbing services in Canberra. 

Gas Installation

At Blueline Plumbing & Gas, we are the go-to experts for all your gas fitting needs in Canberra, Australia. With years of experience and a team of licensed gas fitters, we pride ourselves on delivering safe and standard-compliant gas installations. When it comes to gas installation, it is crucial to hire a licensed gas fitter. They are not only trained and qualified in handling gas systems properly but also have a deep understanding of the safety protocols involved. This ensures that your gas installation is carried out in an efficient and secure manner, giving you peace of mind. Our gas fitters are responsible for various tasks, including installing, maintaining, and repairing gas appliances and systems. From gas heaters to hot water systems, we have the expertise to handle any gas fitting service you may require. Our commitment to quality workmanship and prompt service ensures that your gas installation is completed to the highest standards. Potential issues with gas systems can be dangerous, leading to gas leaks or even explosions. By choosing Blueline Plumbing & Gas, you can trust that our licensed gas fitters will detect and repair any gas leaks effectively, ensuring the safety of your home or business.

Professional Gas Cooktop Installation, Repair and Servicing

Blueline Plumbing & Gas specialises in gas cooktop installation, repair, and servicing in Canberra, Australia. We ensure safe installation, proper maintenance, and optimal performance of your gas cooktop. Our licensed gas fitters follow regulations and safety standards for secure installation. We inspect the site, including gas connections and ventilation, to determine the best location. We install the cooktop, connect it to the gas supply, and test for gas leaks. We also offer repair services for faulty burners or valves. Our technicians diagnose and provide efficient repairs. Regular servicing is important for performance and longevity. We perform maintenance checks to prevent issues and ensure safety and efficiency. If you have any issues, we troubleshoot and provide solutions. Contact Blueline Plumbing & Gas for your gas fitting needs in Canberra.

Gas Leak Detection

Gas leaks can be dangerous and fatal if not addressed promptly. That's why we prioritise the safety of your home or business at Blueline Plumbing & Gas. Gas leaks can occur in different parts of the gas system. Detecting a gas leak early is crucial to prevent hazards. The smell of gas is a common sign of a gas leak. If you notice a strong gas smell, take immediate action. Our expert team at Blueline Plumbing & Gas can efficiently detect and repair gas leaks. We use advanced equipment and techniques for your property's safety. Don't ignore gas leak signs. Contact us for reliable gas leak detection services to protect your home or business.

Carbon Monoxide Testing

At Blueline Plumbing & Gas, we prioritise gas safety and understand the potential dangers of gas leaks. That's why we offer comprehensive gas fitting services in Canberra. One important aspect of gas safety is carbon monoxide testing. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is colourless and odourless and can be produced by gas appliances, especially Type B gas appliances in industrial and commercial premises. Carbon monoxide poisoning is fatal, so regular testing is essential. For Type B gas appliances, a technical submission must be sent to Access Canberra for approval to ensure safety standards are met. Gas leaks can be dangerous, causing fires, explosions, and health issues. That's why it's important to detect and fix gas leaks quickly. Our licensed gas fitters have the expertise to identify and repair gas leaks efficiently, giving you peace of mind.

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We Can Change Your BBQ From LPG To Natural Gas

At Blueline Plumbing & Gas, we specialise in all plumbing and gas-related services in Canberra, Australia. One of our many services includes the conversion of BBQs from LPG to natural gas. If you've recently made the switch to natural gas or simply want to change your BBQ's fuel source, we can assist you. The process of converting a BBQ from LPG to natural gas involves a few essential steps. First, our experienced technicians will assess your existing BBQ and determine the necessary adjustments or modifications required for the conversion. This may include changing the burner orifices, adjusting the gas pressure, or installing a new gas hose and connector. Our team will then carefully make the required adjustments and modifications to ensure your BBQ operates efficiently and safely with natural gas. We use high-quality equipment and materials to guarantee a seamless conversion. We have the expertise to perform this conversion on all types of BBQs, whether it's a freestanding unit, built-in grill, or portable BBQ.

Plumbing FAQs

Welcome to Blueline Plumbing & Gas, your trusted experts for all your plumbing and gas needs in Canberra, Australia. With years of experience and a team of skilled and licensed plumbers, we are proud to be your go-to service provider for all things plumbing and gas related.

Here are some of the top FAQs we frequently encounter from our valued customers in Canberra:

What plumbing services do you offer?

From residential plumbing repairs and installations to plumbing, drainage, and gas in domestic homes, we provide a wide range of services including tap repairs, drain cleaning, bathroom plumbing, and more.

Do you handle gas fitting and repairs?

Absolutely! Our team of qualified plumbing specialists are experts in gas-related services such as gas appliance installation, gas leak detection, and gas fireplaces.

Can you help with water heater installation and repair?

Yes, we specialise in water heater installation, repairs, and maintenance. Whether it's a traditional water heater or a tankless system, we've got you covered.

Are you available for emergency plumbing services?

Yes, we understand that plumbing emergencies can happen any time. That's why we offer quick call out services to handle urgent issues promptly and efficiently.

How quickly can you arrive at my location?

We strive to provide prompt service, and our team aims to arrive at your location as soon as possible. We understand the importance of resolving plumbing issues quickly.

Are your plumbers qualified and licensed?

Absolutely! Our team of plumbers is highly skilled, qualified, and continuously trained to stay updated with the latest industry advancements.

Do you provide customer reviews or testimonials?

Yes, we take pride in our positive customer reviews and testimonials. You can trust that we provide reliable and quality plumbing and gas services.

Do you offer commercial plumbing services?

At Blueline, we specialise in domestic plumbing maintenance - we can work on anything that involves water, drainage, roofing, or gas in a person's home.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

"Blueline plumbing was great. Made a phone call in the morning and the plumber Chris showed up promptly within the time frame.  He was courteous and professional. Completed the job, cleaned up and explained what might have been going on. Highly recommend for future needs and we will be repeat customers."

Joshua S.

"Blueline Plumbing & Gas installed a new hot water system for us. From my first phone call requesting advice on a new system, to quoting and installing the tank- all the staff were just so professional and obviously experts in their field. Highly recommend to others looking for plumbers. Thank you Blueline Plumbing & Gas."

Desirae Y.

"James was professional, courteous and helpful. He clearly explained the work to be done before starting and I knew how much it was going to cost. He also gave me options to let me choose which price option I wanted. All work was left clean and tidy. Will definitely use Blueline again and refer to friends."

Suzanna H.

"Dave and Sam were professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I had a gas bayonet capped and removed.  The hole was filled and the existing gas appliances were also checked for leaks. The service was excellent, the cost was reasonable and provided in a timely manner. Highly recommend."

Kathleen P.

"I highly recommend Blueline company to everyone. They came right on time, and did the job properly. Good behaviour and good attitude towards work. 100% genuine opinion.I really appreciate your help.Canberra, We have to support this company for good."

Polly J.

"Kai called me the same day the booking was made and kept me informed about what day and time a technician was coming. When Chris arrived he was very polite, professional and efficient. Our issue was resolved quickly and successfully. Really happy with the whole process, would highly recommend."

Ivana H.

"We had quite a long list of jobs in our older house, and Blueline managed to get through them all in the timeframe. We are delighted to have the drains all clear, and all taps and toilet cisterns working as they should. Blueline were also happy to utilise some brand new, still boxed, tap sets that we happened to have on hand."

Paula P.

"Blueline was very quick to respond. Chris was able to attend and fix the problem within a couple of hours. He was professional, polite and knowledgeable. Also, the service was a fair price. I recommend Blueline and will use their service in the future."

Julie T.

"Anthony and his team recently replaced my hot water system. I've used Blueline (wouldn't call anyone else) for a few years now and have always found them reliable, thoughtful, good communicators, efficient, patient and friendly. Thanks again guys."

Gail C.

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